Prom Consultation Purchasing Instructions


*****Please email in the subject line indicate your full name and 2019

The message should include a full body picture of yourself, your ideas, fabrics you may like and colors. Also include your parent/guardian name and best number to reach them at. ******

Once you book this fee we will contact you and schedule an appointment within 72 hours. The phone consultation will consist of going over your designs and your final price.

Prom clients consultation fee (non refundable)

You will have 7 DAYS to pay 50% of your total balance in order to schedule your in person consultation. Once we meet in person we will conduct full body measurements, you will be provided with samples, we will be finalizing your designs as well. After the first payment is made THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES ALLOWED. Once we meet in person you will have 90 days to pick up your dress and pay your final payment. The Prom appt fee will be subtracted from your total . This fee is non-refundable.

• Prices start at $900 and up
• If you have no idea just yet as to how you want your dress you can still reserve your spot just make sure you will be selected for 2019. Our team would definitely work with you to come up with a beautiful design for you.
• Prom standards are higher than ever before and you have to look your absolute best. We know that there are a lot of expenses and stress that comes along with prom and senior year. Most importantly we know that your prom is a VERY special and important occasion. With that said we ask that you please have patience and trust the process during this upcoming Prom season with Tiiara J.
•From the start we will let you know if the design will look exactly like the pictures that you sent. In general pictures that you send serve as an inspiration. If we were not the original designer we cannot guarantee that your design will be exactly the same. The final product has many deciding factors such as a different body type, different measurements, available material/fabric and pattern. At Tiiara J we create garments that are special, unique and tailored to your custom measurements.
• ****** Before submitting your design please be aware of your body type at Tiiara J we aim to please our clients if you submit a design we will assume you are comfortable and would like to move forward with your order.
• At Tiiara J our MAIN GOAL is to always aim to please our clients with our excellent customer service and expertise, if we get the feeling that you will be impossible to please we will not accept the order. We reserved the right at any given time to refuse the order.
• We understand that times are tough nowadays and we aim to give our clients the best possible price, design and craftsmanship. We purchase all the materials and quality fabrics from very high end fabric companies all over the world. Along with all these combined factors our services for custom designs are expensive and you deserve the best.
• Tiiara J. Prom 2019 registration will open August 1, 2018 This is not a guaranteed spot I will only be selecting a mininum amount of clients for 2019 please make sure you follow @TiiaraJ on Ig for updates.